Martin Del-Negro



1998 to date cross-cutting projects

1994 - to date scientific photography, product photography, DTP - books and papers, CMS, IT - support (Paris Lodron University, Salzburg)

1994 coverage and portrait photography (Foto Schaffler, Salzburg)

1994 consulting and sales (Foto Kücher, Salzburg)

1993 - 1994 scientific photography (Medical Unit for Orthopedics, Innsbruck)

1992 - 2018 advertising

1992 advertising photography (Alfons Coreth, Salzburg)

1990 - 2017 training and human resource development

1990 - 2015 exhibitions

1989 - 1992 traineeship of broadly photography (Erwin Trampitsch, Golling)

1988 - to date photographer for artistic circles

1983 - to date portrait / street photography

1983 first camera from grandaunt

1970 born, Salzburg, Austria, Europe


continuing education


photography, DTP, HRM, CMS, consultant, project coaching, workflow consulting, training, sales, online-rights, general data protection regulation, audiovisual systems, optimization of personal appearence, conflict management, event management, presenter


EDP skills


MacOS, Windows, Linux

Adobe - Photoshop, - Lightroom, - Indesign, - Illustrator, - Go Live, - Acrobat, PDF/UA

Quark X-Press, Macromedia Dreamweaver, - Fireworks, XNView, ACDSee, Corel - Draw, - Photo-Paint, Gimp, Inkscape, Color Management

MS Office, "R" Statistics, E-Learning tools, CMS/Oracel


cross-cutting projects


2019 in support of ITS, Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, on-road test for renewal of an operation system on several thousend workplace computers

2018 consulting, logo design "Chinazentrum", Paris Lodron University Salzburg,

graphic works M. Del-Negro

2018 in support of ITS, Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, supply for opensource software within the „softwarecenter“ for several thousend workplace computers

2017 T-Shirt design

2015 PDF/UA, barrier-free documents at Paris Lodron University, Salzburg

2010 showcase and guidance system, ITS, Paris Lodron University and Mozarteum University, Salzburg

2009 data medium for students, Paris Lodron University, Salzburg

1998 clarifying issues at law with photographic blow-ups, Paris Lodron University, Jurisprudence, Salzburg


training and human resource development


2016 - 2017 - training > product photography and image processing (Paris

Lodron University, Archaeology)

2009 - 2011 - training > product photography (Prager-Fotoschule Kefermarkt)

2003 - 2017 - training > image processing (Paris Lodron University, human resource development)

1990 - training > photography for sales, representatives (Fa. Schlotterer)


social skills


1995 - 2005 rectorate council

1990 - 2015 exhibitions

1985 - 2005 youth employment, Alpine Club


books - papers - advertising


2019 studio talk

2018 ALBECK fashion, advertising,  photography M. Del-Negro

2018 UNCLE-VAN  food design advertising, photography M. Del-Negro

2018 commemorative for Kovatsovits Wilfried (Schaber Wilfried) Salzburg Museum, digitization and image processing M. Del-Negro

2018 "WOLF DIETRICH VON RAITENAU" Residenzgalerie, Dom Quartier Salzburg, photography M. Del-Negro

2017 "ArchaeoPLUS Band 9", photography M. Del-Negro

2017 "Der zweite Blick", Peter Simon Altmann, artist-portrait M. Del-Negro

2017 ALBECK fashion, advertising,  photography M. Del-Negro

2016 poster presentations, 50 years Archaeology Paris Lodron University Salzburg, layout, workflow-consulting M. Del-Negro

2016 ALBECK fashion, advertising,  photography M. Del-Negro

2015 „VERIVORTE MED“ advertising, photography M. Del-Negro

2014 "Residenz Salzburg, Die Originalmöblierung der Silberkammer", Stefan Hiller, photography and layout M. Del-Negro

2014 "ArchaeoPLUS Band 6", photography M. Del-Negro

2012 ALBECK fashion, advertising "Lesezirkel, Salzburger Fenster", photography, DTP M. Del-Negro

2009 "Postgraduate an der Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg", photography, conception, layout, DTP M. Del-Negro

2009 "Die geometrische Keramik von Kap Kolonna", Wien, Veronika Jarosch-Reinholdt, photography, graphics, layout, workflow-consulting M. Del-Negro

2009 "Der Residenzplatz", Katalog zur Ausstellung im Salzburg Museum (Salzburg), figures M. Del-Negro

2009 "Aiakeion", Wien, Claus Reinholdt, Peter Scherrer, Wolfgang Wohlmayr (Hrsg.), cover-design M. Del-Negro

2008 "Der frühbronzezeitliche Schmuckhortfund von Kap Kolonna", Wien, Claus Reinholdt, photography, graphics, layout, workflow-consulting M. Del-Negro

2007 "Akten zum 2. Österreichischen Römerstein-Treffen“ in Salzburg, Wien, Volker Höck, Felix Lang, Wolfgang Wohlmayr (Hrsg.), cover-design M. Del-Negro

2005 "Hallein und der Tennengau", Edition Tandem, Salzburg, photography M. Del-Negro

1999 #TheWintersTale, English Drama Group Salzburg, logo design, advertisement M. Del-Negro

1997 "Umbau Alte Residenz", Salzburg, Erich Wenger, Erich Thaler, figures M. Del-Negro

1994 to date, several print media of Salzburg University, department of classical studies and Institute of Archaeology, photography, dtp, graphics, IT-support

figures M. Del-Negro

1993 - 1994 several scientific medical publications, Medical Unit for Orthopedics, Innsbruck, Dr. Rudolf Bauer, Dr Sepp Poisel, photography M. Del-Negro